At FEG, we believe that mother nature should be treated with the respect she deserves. After all, she did bless you with a wonderful beard, 'tache and gentlemanly demeanour. It's because of this that we pride ourselves on taking as many steps, large and small, to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that the planet is a cleaner, more pleasant place for us all.

Lower Co2 emissions | Ordering larger quantities of environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging from our suppliers means less deliveries and reduced Co2 emissions, and when our couriers arrive we make sure to reuse or recycle all of the cardboard they bring.

No harsh chemicals | We're sure you don't want any kind of harsh chemicals damaging your proudly grown facial hair so we avoid using them at all costs, which also makes for a safer and greener workplace.

Recycled materials | All of the products available from Fellows are contained within recycled glass and tin or PET plastics exclusively. PET is the most widely recyclable plastic available, and it won't leach into the earth if it does go to landfill.

Reused and reusable packing | To protect your order during transit, we opt to use strictly bio-degradable packaging peanuts and recycled card, paper and cardboard as opposed to bubble wrap - we'd love if you could find a use for these when you receive them.