A Daily Beard Care Routine For The Perfect Beard
You’ve got the essential beard-care products to care for your skin and promote growth. You’ve grown a great beard, ready to be rustled with some skin-friendly product to create a full and well groomed look. But what routine should you follow to make sure your facial wonder gets the best treatment?
Well look no further – we’ve got the answer right here. The best thing? A good routine gets excellent results with only a few minutes every day. Read on to see how.
  1. Cleanse your beard (every 1-3 days)
You don’t need to wash your beard every day, but there’s no harm if you do (it might be a good idea if you’re a partial to a few crumbs…) A natural based organic beard shampoo will cleanse hair and promote growth, whilst caring for the skin underneath.
Pour a small amount into your hand and rub gently through the whole beard. A natural wash won’t create a huge amount of foam because there are no sulphates – so this is completely normal. Once you’ve lathered the wash through, rinse it off thoroughly.
  1. Dry your beard
Gently pat your beard dry – heavy scrubbing can damage the hair follicles and skin cells. After showering, your skin pores are open and receptive to products but also softer. Or you can use a hair dryer on a low-medium heat, we never advise using high-highest heat settings as it can damage hair and dry out skin.
  1. Apply a beard oil (daily)
Oiling is an essential part of keeping a healthy beard: it cleans, promotes growth and replaces the natural sebum lost during a wash.
Our 30ml bottles have a squirt cap to prevent spillage, and the amount you need will depend on your beard size. An average beard of 2-3 inches will need around 3-4 squirts. Apply this to your palm, and gently rub the oil through the whole beard and to the skin underneath. Spread your fingers to get the best distribution through the hair.
Top tip: why not keep our smaller 10ml bottles to hand? They’re easy to travel with, and you can apply throughout the day to top-up your manly scent.
If you need a little extra hold but want the incredible benefits of a good oil, why not try a beard butter?
  1. Comb your beard
Optional if you’d prefer a wilder, completely natural look!
Using a natural wood comb will not only tame hair and create a groomed look, but also help with even distribution of oil from the previous step. Maple wood is a great material which combs without adding static, and makes light work of untangling course hair without tugging or pulling. Combing a beard will ‘train’ your hairs to grow in a downward direction, meaning your beard will get less unruly over time.
> See our combs here
  1. Style your beard & moustache
This is where the fun and creativity can begin! Your beard will now be washed and oiled, smelling great and enjoying all the benefits of natural products.
How you style will depend on your individual beard. Some will require just a small amount of beard butter to create the desired hold. For the truly unruly, you might need to use a hairdryer whilst still damp to encourage hairs to go the way you want.
To style your moustache, you can either apply a natural wax directly to the hair and comb into shape for a natural look, or rub into your fingers and mould the tips directly to create a strong, shaped hold.Our Moustache Wax is formulated from Sunflower, Berry and Sustainable Carnauba Wax making it vegan friendly. Other ingredients include Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil
Everyone’s routine will vary slightly depending on their own beard – but long or short, ruly or unruly, natural or styled, there’s no denying that a frequent wash and daily oil will keep your beard healthy and looking fantastic.
Do you have any other ideas? What do you do differently? Let us know in the comment.
03 January, 2017 by Scott Fellows

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