What Is Canola Oil?

Ingredient: Canola oil

INCI: Canola oil (derived from the Brassicaceae family)

Origin: Unknown

Source: Heating and crushing seeds of the edible rapeseed plant

Low in saturated fats with a high content of polyunsaturated fats, canola oil is arguably the healthiest plant derived oil available. Applied directly to inflamed areas, the oil can ease stiffness in the joints, particularly amongst those suffering with arthritis. Administering orally has been known to soothe side effects of asthma, but most importantly, one tablespoon of canola oil contains 3.1mg of vitamin E - that's 15% of the recommended daily intake for an adult. You can learn about the incredible benefits of vitamin E in our blog post.

You can find Canola Oil in the following products

Autumn Warmth Moustache Wax
Citrus Forest Moustache Wax
Coconut & Lime Moustache Wax
Sweet Vanilla Moustache Wax


05 July, 2016 by Alfie Marston

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