Beeswax - Beelieve it or not

Ingredient: Beeswax

INCI: Beeswax

Origin: N/A

Source: Extracted from honeycomb through heating and cooling

You may struggle to find a healthcare product on the market which doesn't contain beeswax. This all-natural, versatile wonder has been used for hundreds of years by the Egyptians, the Romans and many other civilisations up until the present day. Its lenitive nature makes it the go-to ingredient for lip balms and glosses, hand and face creams and moisturisers, while visually it gives a sleek and shiny look - particularly when applied to the hair, beard or moustache. Its consistency and chemical attributes make it of great use in many other areas such as candle making, in which it has been associated since the 6th century. Beeswax makes for easy storage and application of liquid based products as it is a natural thickener and will never spoil - simply reheat and reuse. While its colour is a telling factor in the purity of beeswax (white being the purest, with yellow and brownish hues collected from pollen and honeycombs more visible in the crude product), it is common practice for the wax to be naturally bleached before wholesale, for a pleasing, creamy white coloured product.

Beeswax is used in our Moustache Wax to create the firm hold that our customers and users have come to love. Beeswax repels water which is a great benefit to our product, give our moustache wax lasting hold even when it rains! 

We also use Beeswax in our Beard Butter range. The wax content is specially formulated  to give a light styling hold without the rigid, firm hold often found in high street hair products. Just the right amount is used to give a light, natural hold loved by our customers worldwide. 

Beeswax can be found in the following products

Autumn Warmth Beard Butter
Citrus Forest Beard Butter
Coconut & Lime Beard Butter
Sweet Vanilla Beard Butter

Autumn Warmth Moustache Wax
Citrus Forest Moustache Wax
Coconut & Lime Moustache Wax
Sweet Vanilla Moustache Wax

05 July, 2016 by Alfie Marston

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