Autumn Skincare Routine For Bearded Men

Are You Ready For Autumn?

Boys grow a beard, real men groom it. With the summer heat behind us, taking care of your beard should be gone with the wind too, right? Not quite. A sudden fall of the temperature, cold winds, and a decrease in humidity tend to dry out your skin, and thus impact the appearance and quality of your beard and make it irritating for your skin. Of course, you can prevent all that with a consistent skincare routine which will address both your beard and skin underneath. Here are some tips that should help you maintain your epic facial hair, while keeping your skin soft.


Exfoliating is not just a fancy word your girlfriend likes to use sometime. It actually has a clear purpose, and it is to cleanse your skin (especially the one underneath your beard) of the dead skin cells, dust and dirt. An amount of dirt you may have stuck there will depend on the length and thickness of your beard, so the longer it is, the longer and harder you should scrub. You should exfoliate once or twice a week.


Just like your hair, your beard deserves to be washed and shampooed. A simple splash with lukewarm water isn’t gonna cut it. Find a good, dedicated beard wash and stick to it. Changing the products frequently can only cause damage. The most convenient time to change your shampoo is with the change of the seasons. You should also wash your face with a mild cleaning gel or soap in the morning and in the evening.


A well-nourished beard will complement any face, while a poorly-maintained and messy facial hair will make even the most amazing skin look bad. Simple exfoliating and washing are not enough to make your beard look awesome. If you want it smooth and easy to manage, you should use a beard conditioner and a beard balm. Apply them after washing or before you go outside since the cold weather can have a negative influence on your beard too.


The Autumn weather can really dry up your skin, and so can the indoor heating devices. It is very important to prevent that from happening by using a moisturizer regularly. As we know from using some of the best men's grooming products on a daily basis, it will help soften and hydrate your skin, which will prepare it not only for the cold weather, but also for beard shaping and trimming. See our moisturising lotion here

Use Beard Oil

Beard oils are the latest trend in the men’s grooming realm, but they are so much more than just a fad. It is really helpful for maintaining the beard healthy, smooth, hydrated and manageable. You should use it after washing, and before going outside. After applying beard oil, comb your beard thoroughly to make sure the product reached both the roots and the ends and that it is evenly dispersed.

Use Beard Shaping Tools

A beard doesn’t grow fabulous by itself, you have to shape it and groom it. First, you’ll need a beard trimmer. Don’t skimp on this essential tool, and make sure you get one with sufficient extensions to cover all your needs. If you are more old-fashioned when it comes to beard shaping, you can also get a straight razor, which can come in handy with shaping larger beards. A beard comb and/or brush should be by your side wherever you go.

Avoid Very Hot Water

A hot bath might be the best thing for de-stressing, but it is not very good for your skin, especially during fall and winter months. Hot water can only damage your skin and even dry out your facial hair and strip it of its natural oils.

The Autumn is already here. Ask yourself: Is your skin ready?



24 September, 2017 by Scott Fellows

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