Avocado - More Than Just A Heathy Fruit


Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima) is oil produced from the flesh of the Avocado fruit through cold pressing. This ingredient originates from Mexic. While its soft green flesh is both tasty and loaded with a nutritional value from vitamins K, C, B5, B6 and E - Avocado has excellent skin benefits when its oil is extracted. Damaged, dehydrated or dry skin can be soothed in an instant by this fast absorbing and of course, totally natural product. If that wasn't enough, avocado's moisturising properties make it perfect for rejuvenating ageing or mature skin. Studies show that avocado extract can reduce the symptoms of arthritis and even inhibit the growth of some cancer cells. Not only is it a superfood, avocado is an excellent carrier oil - meaning its advantages can be combined with even more natural and healthy base oils to blend a fragrant and soothing product perfect for any beard.

We use Avacado Oil as one of our ingredients in our Beard Oil range. We blend this with 5 other oils to create a nourishing oil that conditioners and rejuvenates skin and beard.  


03 January, 2018 by Scott Fellows

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