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See why we use sustainable Palm Oil backed by the WWF
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Many may be familiar with a different kind of cocoa, but while we don't recommend nibbling on your Autumn Warmth Beard Butter, we can recommend it for plenty of other applications. It's no secret that cocoa butter is magnificent for your skin but not everyone knows the reason why
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A Daily Beard Care Routine For The Perfect Beard

A Daily Beard Care Routine For The Perfect Beard

You’ve got the essential beard-care products to care for your skin and promote growth. You’ve grown a great beard, ready to be rustled with some natural product to create a full and manly look. But what routine should you follow to make sure your facial wonder gets the best treatment?

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Well look no further – we’ve got the answer right here. The best thing? A good routine gets excellent results with only a few minutes every day. Read on to see how.

  1. Wash your beard (every 1-3 days)

You don’t need to wash your beard every day, but there’s no harm if you do (it might be a good idea if you’re a partial to a few crumbs…) A natural beard wash will clean hair and promote growth, whilst caring for the skin underneath.

Pour a small amount into your hand and rub gently through the whole beard. A natural wash won’t create a huge amount of foam because there are no sulphates – so this is completely normal. Once you’ve lathered the wash through, rinse it off thoroughly.

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  1. Dry your beard

Gently pat your beard dry – heavy scrubbing can damage the hair. After showering, your skin pores are open and receptive to products but also softer. Or you can use a hair dryer on a low-medium heat, we never advice high-highest heat as it can damage hair.

  1. Apply a beard oil (daily)

Oiling is an essential part of keeping a healthy beard: it cleans, promotes growth and replaces the natural sebum lost during a wash. Plus, your beard will smell fresh and masculine.  

Our 30ml bottles have a squirt cap (?) to prevent spillage, and the amount you need will depend on your beard size. An average beard of 2-3 inches will need around 3-4 squirts. Apply this to your palm, and gently rub the oil through the whole beard and to the skin underneath. Spread your fingers to get the best distribution through the hair.

Top tip: why not keep our smaller 10ml bottles to hand? They’re easy to travel with, and you can apply throughout the day to top-up your manly scent.

If you need a little extra hold but want the incredible benefits of a good oil, why not try a beard butter?

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  1. Comb and/or brush your beard

Optional if you’d prefer a wilder, completely natural look!

Using a natural wood comb will not only tame hair and create a groomed look, but also help with even distribution of oil from the previous step. Maple wood is a great material which combs without adding static, and makes light work of untangling course hair without tugging or pulling.

Using a brush has similar benefits, taming hair but leaving it looking full. Ensure you use an ethically sourced boar-hair brush for naturally conditioning properties and a soft-feeling but firm detangle.

Either way, brushing or combing a beard will ‘train’ your hairs to grow in a downward direction, meaning your beard will get less unruly over time.

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  1. Style your beard & moustache

This is where the fun and creativity can begin! Your beard will now be washed and oiled, smelling great and enjoying all the benefits of natural products.

How you style will depend on your individual beard. Some will require just a small amount of beard butter to create the desired hold. For the truly unruly, you might need to use a hairdryer whilst still damp to encourage hairs to go the way you want.

To style your moustache, you can either apply a natural wax directly to the hair and comb into shape for a natural look, or rub into your fingers and mould the tips directly to create a strong, shaped hold. Ensure you use a natural product with beeswax for a long-lasting hold that cares for your skin and hair at the same time.

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Everyone’s routine will vary slightly depending on their own beard – but long or short, ruly or unruly, natural or styled, there’s no denying that a frequent wash and daily oil will keep your beard healthy and looking fantastic.

Do you have any other ideas? What do you do differently? Let us know in the comment.

03 January, 2017 by Scott Fellows
Avocado - More Than Just A Heathy Fruit

Avocado - More Than Just A Heathy Fruit

While its soft green flesh is both tasty and loaded with nutritional value from vitamins K, C, B5, B6 and E - Avocado has excellent skin benefits when its oil is extracted. Damaged, dehydrated or dry skin can be soothed in an instant by this fast absorbing and of course, totally natural product.
03 January, 2017 by Alfie Marston
4 Beard Care Tips That Will Keep Your Beard On Top Form

4 Beard Care Tips That Will Keep Your Beard On Top Form


    When growing a beard there are some important things to recognise . Firstly the hair on our face is different to that on our head, it's much more coarse and unruly. Secondly we need to remember that under the hair we have a chin, not a scalp. The scalp naturally secretes sebum oil (and so does the rest of our body apart from our palms and soles of our feet), its this oil that enables the hair on our hair and skin to stay healthy, but sometimes it can lack sebum and can lead to dry skin, this is why it's important to use natural products to avoid stripping away that all important sebum oil. 
    We recommend using Beard Oil. As your skin may not secrete as much sebum to restore its self and skin can become irritated, dry and annoyingly itchy. Using a few squirts (2-3) of Fellows Essential Gentleman Beard Oil daily will sooth the itch by adding moisture to both skin and hair, the beard will become softer and less straw like. Added Vitamin-E will nourish the skin and hair by repairing the roots leading to continuous healthy hair growth, which can help aid patchy beards. Our mix of six base oils in our Beard Oil will ensure your beard is nourished, softened, moisturised, replenished and itch free. 

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    Those lucky enough to grow a beard often do so because of hormones/genes, this also tends to (in most cases) lead to faster hair growth and hair covering a lot of body area. With this rate of hair growth it is important to make sure you look your very best, whether its for date night, an important meeting, a night out with the boys or simply to make you feel good. 
    Firstly we recommend that you visit your barber every 2 - 4 weeks for a beard trim (you may as well get your hair in shape at the same time, two birds with one stone..) . In between those visits to your local barber you will need to keep on top of things yourself. 
2a) Use scissors to keep those random hairs that decide they want to grow faster than the rest of your beard at bay. This will prevent the formation of an uneven beard and will generally give a neater appearance and also create that fresh-out-the-barbers illusion. 
2b) Use clippers followed by a wet shave to prevent the dreaded neck/throat beard. Most bearded fellas will have hair bursting from there chin as well as chest but thats the only place it should be bursting from, we don't want hair breaking out of our throats and the side of our necks. The neck beard must go! Simply use the clippers to shape the beard by forming a curved line from one ear, then under the chin to the other ear (You may need a hand with this if your hand to mirror co-ordination is poor). This will create a neat line to define the beard. Everything below the beard line has to go! Carefully take a razor and shave down the throat and neck (with the grain to help prevent irritation) thus adding further definition to your almighty beard.
    Just like bad hair days, we have all woken up with a beard day from hell with those few hairs that decide they aren't playing ball. So surely you've tried applying some water to dampen the beard in hope that it will help weigh those stubborn hairs into place. With that failing you've applied extra beard oil in desperation that the weight of the oil will hold the rebel hairs in place. Now you have run out of options and even ponder shaving...How has it come to this!! Beard Butter is your answer for any situation similar to this!
    Like Beard Oil, Beard Butter contains a blend of 5 base oils that act in the exact same way as they do in Beard Oil. Included in this formulation are 4 butters, they add further nourishing, softening and moisturising properties. With one of the butters being cocoa butter (a solid) and the addition of white and yellow beeswax this product has an almighty benefit, the one that all those with unruly beards need. They offer a light hold which will prevent those defiant hairs and will help shape the beard. Don't panic Beard Butter (Or at least ours) isn't formulated to hold like hair gel so there will be no unpleasant stiffness, just a gentle hold, just enough to tame those previously uncontrollable hairs. 

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    The skin on your face is very sensitive, luckily the use of beard oil is helping ditch the itch and is bringing you great results. Just like a strict gym routine, looking after your beard has a routine that must be followed for the best results. In between using Beard Oil we recommend using a natural shampoo or wash. Using high street brands with harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances to cleanse your beard will strip your beard and skin of everything you've been working on, chemicals such as SLS and SLES (and many more) can often cause itchiness,sensitive skin, spot outbreaks and dry, flakey skin. Using a natural shampoo such as our Beard Wash will work wonders on sensitive skin, dry skin and help maintain the healthy beard you have been working on!

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     We really hope this short  guide is helpful, especially to those with "uncontrollable" beards. If you did find this useful be sure to share the article via Twitter, Facebook or Email by clicking the share buttons below. If you still need some answers to your burning beard care and beard maintenance questions then throw us over an email to and we will be able to help, alternatively you get ask short questions on Twitter and we will be more than happy to help there too! We will be posting a lot of guides via the mailing list so get all your bearded friends to sign up today!

Beard On! 

03 January, 2017 by Scott Fellows
Shea Butter - Nature's Moisturiser

Shea Butter - Nature's Moisturiser

Packed full of nutrients and vitamin A, the antioxidant properties of Shea are a major benefit of many skincare and anti-ageing products.


15 October, 2016 by Alfie Marston
Coffee, Your Skin's New Best Friend!

Coffee, Your Skin's New Best Friend!

We all love a good cup of our favourite roasted coffee beans served red hot in cold weather and ice cold in the summer. Well, did you know that coffee can be more than just a pick-me-up for the day ahead? In fact, its just as good for your skin as it is at giving you a kick up the arse you so very much need first thing in the morning.
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Fall Skincare Routine For Bearded Men

Fall Skincare Routine For Bearded Men

Boys grow a beard, real men groom it. With the summer heat behind us, taking care of your beard should be gone with the wind too, right? Not quite. A sudden fall of the temperature, cold winds, and a decrease in humidity tend to dry out your skin, and thus impact the appearance and quality of your beard and make it irritating for your skin. Of course, you can prevent all that with a consistent skincare routine which will address both your beard and skin underneath. Here are some tips that should help you maintain your epic facial hair, while keeping your skin soft.
01 October, 2016 by Peter Minkoff