Time To Say Goodbye

Fellows For Him was created in 2013 (Named Fellows Slicks & Stiffeners) to raise money for November by selling Moustache Wax. Little did we know that this creation would lead to things beyond our wildest imaginations. In the course of 5 years we have sold to hundreds of countries, tens of thousands of customers and not to mention the many stockists we have had over the years worldwide. Fellows For Him has been a wild ride that exploded out of nowhere and I (Scott - Founder) would like to thank every single soul that has followed the brand or even purchased from us and kept the dream alive for so long and giving me a creative outlet that supported my family for 5 incredible years. I appreciate everything that this business has given me not just financially but the knowledge learnt along the way from how to run a business to skills learnt along the venture such as product photography, graphic design and web design. Sadly, over the past year or so we have faced a difficult time with beard care becoming readily available in supermarkets and high street stores via commercial brands. Brexit has also had some say in the closure of our business as ingredients become more expensive and international postage costs may rise substantially. With the success of our other brand and the birth of our second child it became almost impossible to keep up with Fellows For Him and if we can't offer good service then we don't want to be in business.

Simply put, Fellows For Him has run its course and has served us well. It has been an honour to have such support for so long. We thank everyone again for everything.

Fellows For Him will continue to trade until all of our products are sold through including labels, packaging and ingredients. During this time we will only be dispatching orders on a Friday due to other commitments

It doesn't end there for us. Myself and my girlfriend have been working hard growing another brand called Cushty Co and we have grown that beyond our expectations and we are taking this new venture to places far beyond that of Fellows For Him. Maybe you'll hear about us or even see us soon? Who knows...